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Newlantis isn't a peaceful city, and it doesn't pretend to be. Filled with people, creatures, and magic from all corners of the world, disagreements are bound to happen, and sometimes they turn deadly.


Gwyn would know; as a gorgon from the Python Family, he was born and raised in the world of organized crime. He was trained to fight, to steal, and to kill. But he hated every minute of it, so when he saw his chance to escape, five years ago, he took it, betraying his Family to help the renowned Newlantis Police Department put a stop to their plans.


He's been in hiding ever since.


But it seems the Pythons haven't forgotten about what he did, and they certainly haven't forgiven him. For now, the plans he once helped to stop are back in action, and no matter which way he turns, Gwyn finds himself at the center of it.


With the help of the NPD's finest Detective, Rex Robins, and his resourceful daughter, Noel Robins, Gwyn has to face the past he thought he'd left behind if he has any chance of saving the city a second time around.

This Novella is currently available to read for free on Wattpad


Started: February 2022

Completed: April 2022

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