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In the year 2118, the people of The Lights celebrate the deeds of the Legacies: a team of superheroes who saved the city a century ago, transforming it into the utopia that stands strong where chaos once reigned.


However; even surrounded by such a perfect world, one girl still feels out of place. Aderyn Castelle - named after one of the most famous of the Legacies: The Glass Angel, herself - has dreamt of becoming a hero since she was a child, every passion devoted to the people who made this future possible. But she knows that, in a world as perfect as her own, there is no longer a need for heroes. There is no need for her...

Blinded by the thoughts of her own future, however; Ryn never stopped to think that maybe... just maybe... she had always belonged to the past.

When a freak storm sends her tumbling into a world she only recognises from the textbooks, she's given no choice but to face the facts.

 Perhaps she is more of a Legacy than she once believed...

The first draft is currently free to read on Wattpad!



First Draft Started: May, 2018

First Draft Completed: July, 2020

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