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Nova always dreamt of seeing the world. Never once did she think she'd have to save it.


But when she catches a falling star in the middle of a meteor shower, Nova finds herself running for more than just her own life. Joined by a ragtag crew of four of the most unusual guys she's ever met, along with a mysterious voice that claims to have brought them all together, she has to hunt down the fragments of an ancient device that will protect the planet from an imminent threat.


Because a star-faring race of voracious creatures currently have their hungry sights set on Earth, and if Nova and her fellow starcatchers can't learn how to get along and use their newfound powers to put a stop to this attack, then life as they know it will turn to dust...

Book 1: Stardust

Cover mockup dustcover - Book 1 Stardust

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Started: July, 2020

Completed: TBA...

Book 2: Starsong


Book 3: Stargaze


Book 4: Starlight


Book 5: Starfall


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