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Who would have thought a dragon could be afraid of the dark?


Then again, fifteen-year-old Raphael Wolf is no ordinary dragon. Born to a human mother, Raph has always been caught between two worlds, one of which has been hunting down both him and his older brother, Theo, since their father disappeared, twelve years ago.


They believe they've finally found refuge in a town called South Weathergale, where they've remained hidden, unnoticed, for the past three years. Attending the local high school, the Wolf brothers have done their best to submerge themselves within a human society. Raph thinks his only grievances come from trying not to fail his History class, ignoring the unexpected feelings he has for a girl who's way out of his league, and keeping his rather hazardous fear of the dark under some level of control.


But when Raph discovers an anonymous letter tucked away in his school locker, revealing that someone, somehow, has found out what he is, he realises that they might not be so safe, here, after all.


With the help of both his older brother, and a girl made of secrets that could rival his own, Raph has no choice but to outrun his family's past. Because if it catches up to him, failing History is going to be the least of his troubles.

This Novella is currently available to read free on Wattpad

Started: February, 2020
Completed: May, 2020

As this story was initially written as a Novella, I intend to extend it into a fully-developed novel at some stage in the future.

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